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    Post-Construction is often overlooked yet one of the most important phases of a construction project. As a project comes to completion, most companies will set their focus and resources toward the next project, the end of construction is not the end of our relationship.

    Avante Construction remains engaged with a project until all items have been finalized.  Our close-out process is one that ensures we do not leave a project until it is 100% complete and the client has confirmed that all needs have been met. We continue to serve our project owners in many ways to make sure every aspect of the project meets their full expectations, and so that our post construction services serve as the bridge to our next project.

    Substantial Completion:

    Working in coordination with the design professional, our Post Construction team determines substantial completion of the work, or designated portions thereof, and prepares a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items. Avante will then establish a schedule for the completion of each item, and will coordinate correction and completion of the work.


    With the client, Avanti will direct the check-out of utilities, operations systems, and equipment for readiness and assist in their initial start-up and testing (eg. plumbing) by the trade contractors.

    Final Completion:

    Avante Construction will determine final completion and provide written notice to the client and the design professional that the work is ready for final inspection. Upon this notice, we will:

    • Turn over to the client all keys, drawings, and maintenance stocks.